✅ Divorce if the husband or wife is abroad

Divorce if the husband or wife is abroad

Divorce if the husband or wife is abroad in Ukraine

Our family lawyers are often asked the following questions: How to register a marriage with a foreigner abroad? In which case can the period between the application submission and registration be shortened? How to file for divorce online?

On our website advokat-skriabin.com you can familiarize yourself with the topic: “Divorce if the husband or wife is abroad” and, if you have any questions, seek legal advice from our family lawyers and lawyers who will provide you with legal services in family matters.

Divorce while abroad in Ukraine

According to the Family Code of Ukraine (hereinafter UK), divorce from your husband is possible if:

  • mutual desire of the spouses to end the relationship;
  • the unilateral desire of one of them to file for a divorce.

The desire or absence of such, as well as the presence of joint children with a husband and wife, determine the procedure for divorce:

  • judicial;
  • administrative (divorce through the registry office).

In either case, divorce can be done without the personal presence of the husband and wife, for example, if they are abroad. Turning to a lawyer for help, a husband and wife have the opportunity to divorce remotely as soon as possible.

Divorce through the registry office, if the husband or wife is abroad in Ukraine

The basis for divorce through the registry office is a joint statement of the husband and wife. The legislation provides for the filing of this application by both spouses, however, in the absence of such an opportunity, for example, while abroad, it is permissible to take appropriate measures.

To divorce an absent spouse, a husband, for example, must draw up and notarize his part of the application for divorce, after which the other spouse will submit it to the registry office. With proper execution, the application will not lose its legal force, and therefore will become the basis for starting the divorce proceedings.

If within a month after submitting the application, none of the spouses changes his mind, then the divorce is registered. It must also be attended by both the husband and wife.

If one of the spouses at this moment plans to be abroad or cannot be present for any other reason, then in order to divorce on the day of filing the application, or within a month after that, it is necessary to submit another notarized application: with a petition for registering a divorce in the absence of a spouse. It can also indicate the registry office to which the divorce certificate should be sent after the divorce procedure.

The procedure for divorce through the registry office is quite simple, but in practice you can encounter many subtleties that prevent the issue from being resolved remotely. It can be errors in the documents that are submitted along with the application for divorce, incorrect execution of the application, and much more, which can prevent a divorce in a timely manner. While abroad, it is rather difficult to resolve such issues and there is a need for the help of a qualified specialist.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, divorce through the registry office implies the personal participation of the spouses and it is impossible to shift the function of divorce in administrative order to a lawyer. That is why, while abroad, in order to get a divorce, spouses often choose a judicial procedure that allows them to completely entrust the divorce to the family lawyer.

How to get a divorce in court while abroad in Ukraine

Divorce in court is a rather complicated procedure that requires impeccable knowledge of the legislative framework of Ukraine, as well as the presence of positive experience in the field of family law.

Being abroad, a husband or wife, of course, cannot fully participate in the divorce proceedings, and therefore, acting on their own, they risk not achieving their goal.

The service of a lawyer “Turnkey Divorce” has long become relevant for those who wish to get a divorce, but at the same time are outside Ukraine.

It allows you to protect yourself from the need:

  • delve into the legal process;
  • find solutions to unforeseen situations;
  • waste time attending and participating in court hearings;
  • worry about the result of the divorce proceedings.

The need to contact a lawyer in case of divorce in Ukraine

If you want to get a divorce when you are abroad, there is no need to solve the problem outside your home country. According to the law, every citizen of Ukraine has the right to go through the divorce procedure on the territory of his home country and according to its laws.

A lawyer will help resolve the issue of a divorce concluded in Ukraine, not only between Ukrainians, but also between:

  • Ukrainian / Ukrainian and foreigner (divorce from a foreign citizen in Ukraine);
  • a citizen of Ukraine and a person without registration (divorce without registration and registration);
  • a Ukrainian and a citizen with an unknown place of residence and stay.

Based on the main provisions and norms of the law, if you wish to get a divorce, a lawyer will help you find the best way out even in the most difficult cases. He will adequately protect the interests of his client and achieve his goal, thereby protecting you from psychological shocks and stress.

Divorce lawyer services if the spouse is abroad in Ukraine

A divorce lawyer works remotely throughout Ukraine. On the basis of an agreement on the provision of legal services, a lawyer / lawyer will not only help to divorce, but will also be able to provide a number of related services:

  • notarization of documents;
  • re-receipt of documents from the court and the registry office;
  • translation of documents;
  • affixing an apostille, etc.

Cooperation between the client and the lawyer takes place according to the following principle:

  • the client contacts a lawyer to discuss the nuances of the upcoming case;
  • a lawyer prepares an agreement for the provision of legal services. After it is signed by the client and the partial payment is made, the divorce attorney / attorney begins his work;
  • the client receives the desired result and pays the balance of the account.

In the process of divorce, if necessary, the lawyer makes a report on the work done at each stage of divorce through the court, which gives you the opportunity to personally control the divorce process.

Family divorce lawyer if the husband or wife is abroad in Ukraine

For an effective solution to the divorce case, if the husband or wife is abroad, you should contact professional family lawyers.

Divorce lawyer:

  • provide legal advice on family matters;
  • will help to determine the best option for solving a family case;
  • prepare all the necessary documents;
  • accompanies the course of the entire trial.

Our family lawyers will do everything necessary for a quick and high-quality completion of a legal case!

Contacting us is a way to save time and money in resolving the issue of divorce if the husband or wife is abroad.

If you do not know how to do the right thing to decide the case in your favor – write or call our family lawyers!

The first step on the road to success in resolving a divorce case if the husband or wife is abroad is to contact good family lawyers!

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