Family lawyer

Family lawyer

Resolving family disputes and filing a divorce does not always go smoothly and quickly. Many issues that arise in the course of the case require a professional look and the help of a family law attorney.

Dissolution of a marriage can be complicated by various circumstances associated with the presence of common children, the division of joint property, the unwillingness of one of the married couple to formalize the official termination of the family relationship, the presence of the spouse abroad.

Family cases are often resolved through the courts, which involves the expenditure of time and effort on the preparation of documents, attending court sessions.

Therefore, the most correct solution is to seek help from a family law attorney who will help you resolve your issues!

Divorce through the court

Divorce in court provides for the following sequence of actions:

  • preparation of a claim;
  • payment of court fees;
  • opening of proceedings on the case;
  • holding a court session;
  • obtaining a court decision on the case.

A family lawyer will help you draft your claim correctly and bring the case to an end according to your goal.

Divorce documents in court

The package of documents required to resolve the case in court depends on many factors: the composition of the family, the purpose of filing the case, individual circumstances of the case, such as the state of health of family members, the presence of illegitimate children, payment of alimony to children from a previous marriage.

In addition, it is important to correctly draw up an application to the court. The claim should clearly and accurately reflect the reasons for filing a lawsuit and the desired outcome of the case. In order to correctly draw up a statement of claim and collect the required list of documents, you should seek help from a lawyer in the field of family law.

Divorce through the registry office

For a divorce through the registry office, you must perform the following actions:

  1. come to the regional office of the registry office;
  2. pay the state duty for the details that are provided at the registry office;
  3. to write an application;
  4. submit documents.

After that, the day of divorce is appointed. Usually the date is set in a month, which is given for the final decision.

Divorce from a foreigner

One of the circumstances that complicates divorce is the registration of a divorce from a foreigner.

The best solution in this situation would be to file a divorce on the territory of Ukraine, since:

  • the cost of divorce is lower;
  • registration will be fast;
  • no need to affix an apostille and translate documents.

Turnkey divorce

In the modern world, the rhythm of life does not allow us to waste time on paper issues and paperwork. Therefore, a great way to save time and effort during the divorce process is to delegate the matter to a good family lawyer.

Divorce online

Today you can get a divorce online from any city or even in another country. This greatly simplifies the divorce process and allows you to go about your business while the family law attorney finalizes the divorce.

We work through the “Electronic Court” system and issue all divorce documents remotely.

The service is provided in all cities of Ukraine: Berdyansk, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, Donetsk, Zhitomir, Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankovsk, Kiev, Kremenchug, Krivoy Rog, Kropyvnytskyi, Lugansk, Lutsk, Lviv, Nikolaev, Nikopol, Odessa, Poltava, Rovno, Sumy, Ternopil, Uzhgorod, Kharkov, Kherson, Khmelnitsky, Cherkasy, Chernigov, Chernivtsi.

Apostille on divorce documents

Apostille on a court decision on divorce is a way to confirm the authenticity of documents. Affixing the Apostille on the documents of the registry office is necessary to resolve issues at the international level. This procedure takes a lot of time and effort, as it is riddled with bureaucracy.

What documents require confirmation:

  1. divorce certificate;
  2. a court decision on divorce.

To simplify the procedure and save yourself from unnecessary trouble, you need to contact a family lawyer who will take responsibility for affixing the apostille on the documents.

Invalidation of a marriage

In what cases can a marriage be declared invalid:

  • if the spouse is legally incompetent;
  • if the spouse is in two marriages at the same time;
  • if the marriage is concluded between relatives of the first line, as well as between a sister and a brother.

In order to declare a marriage invalid, it is necessary to apply to the judicial authorities and prove one of the indicated reasons. The documentary evidence is a court decision.

Alimony Recovery Lawyer


Not many people know that throughout Ukraine it is possible to collect alimony even if you are officially married. In addition, you can collect alimony not only for the child, but also for the spouse. Another important aspect is the possibility of collecting additional funds for the maintenance of the child.


Alimony for an adult

After reaching the age of eighteen, the child can receive alimony payments in the case of studying at a higher educational institution. The age up to which it is possible to collect child support for an adult is 23 years.

The amount of alimony depends on the established minimum subsistence level, which differs for different ages.

Reducing and increasing the amount of alimony

An increase or decrease in the amount of child support payments is affected by:

  • the need to pay alimony by the payer for another child;
  • the birth of another child;
  • deterioration of the health of the child, the payer or the recipient of the alimony;
  • change in the income of the payer or recipient of alimony;
  • disability by the alimony recipient or payer.

Alimony as a share of earnings

The amount of alimony as a share of earnings depends on the payer’s salary, which is not always convenient.

This calculation option has disadvantages associated with:

  • instability of income;
  • unofficial salary;
  • seasonality of work.

How the amount of alimony from income is calculated:

  1. with one child – one fourth of income (25%);
  2. with two children – one third of income (33%);
  3. if there are three children – half of the income (50%).

Alimony in firm cash

This option for calculating alimony is more optimal if the payer does not have a stable income, is hidden or seasonal.

With this calculation, a stable amount is determined, which is paid monthly. The amount of alimony is subject to indexation, which is carried out annually.

Children’s attorney

Disputes over children are a lot of emotional costs as well as time, since caring for children is one of the foundations of a modern democratic society.

Cases concerning children require special accuracy, as they affect the morale of children and parents, as well as their financial situation.

Taking the child abroad

In order to travel abroad with a child, one of the divorced spouses must obtain official permission from the other spouse for such a trip.

To obtain permission to take your child abroad, you need to correctly and accurately draw up an application, with which a family lawyer can help you.

The application should include the following details:

  • duration of the trip;
  • reason and purpose of the trip;
  • route of movement.

Removing barriers to communication with children

After a divorce, good relations do not always remain between spouses, as a result of which one of the couple can create obstacles for the second spouse in communicating with children.

At the same time, Ukrainian legislation establishes that both spouses are equal and can take an equal part in the upbringing of joint children.

To resolve the issue of removing obstacles to communication with children, you should contact a family lawyer who will help you quickly and efficiently resolve the case in your favor.

Deprivation of parental rights

Deprivation of parental rights is aimed at ensuring the most comfortable living conditions for the child. The procedure for depriving parents of their rights is quite complicated and requires a clear justification in court.

To avoid difficulties in the process of solving the case and protecting the interests of the child, you should contact a family lawyer who will help you quickly formalize the deprivation of parental rights.

Family attorney in paternity disputes

Contesting paternity is a procedure necessary for resolving family conflicts and legal settlement of disputes between parents about the upbringing and maintenance of a child.

In order to dispute paternity, you need to conduct a genetic study for relationship. The results of the examination are the basis for filing a claim with the court to challenge paternity.

Establishing paternity

It is possible to confirm paternity in the following ways:

  1. contacting a medical institution with a spouse and a child for a genetic examination;
  2. contacting specialized laboratories for a DNA test without the knowledge of the spouse.

When choosing the second method, our lawyers recommend conducting an examination in state laboratories, since their conclusion is reliable evidence in court.

Family lawyer for division of property

Property matters always raise many questions, especially if a conflict has arisen between the spouses. Protecting your interests and not losing money when filing a divorce is an important task in which a family lawyer can help you.


Lawyer for the car section

The section of the car, in contrast to real estate, can be made orally, that is, without documentary registration.

The auto section does not depend on factors such as:

  • for whom the transport is registered;
  • the presence of a driver’s license;
  • entry into the registration certificate of the spouses.

Apartment division lawyer

The section of an apartment or house requires mandatory documentary registration, which must be certified by a notary.

Property owned by spouses and children must be divided between spouses, excluding the share of children.

It is important to note that the court protects the interests of children to a greater extent, therefore, when dividing an apartment, it will be taken into account with whom the child lives.

Litigation – quickly and efficiently

Solving cases in court is a rather lengthy and complicated process. With such a solution to family issues, it is important to collect the necessary package of documents, correctly indicate all the details of the case. In order to resolve a family matter in court, you should seek the help of a good family lawyer.


Family lawyer consultation

Family lawyer consultation in Ukraine In order to clarify all the details of your case, you need to contact our family lawyer in any way convenient for you:

  • In the messenger (Viber, Telegram, VotsAp);
  • Call the specified phone number;
  • Come to a personal meeting with a lawyer.

After studying all the details of the case, our specialists will develop the optimal tactics for doing business and agree with you on all the specifics of resolving the issue.

Our advantages

In solving family issues, it is not just the experience of a lawyer that is important, but a narrow specialization. Family disputes have many pitfalls that may arise already during the trial.

A family lawyer will help you solve the case quickly and efficiently, even if new nuances and details arise.

We respect your time and resolve issues regarding the case as much as possible without your participation!

The result is important to us, so we focus on achieving it with minimal costs.

We take into account the individual characteristics and wishes of the client and choose the tactics of doing business according to the tasks set.

How to choose a good lawyer?

The criteria for choosing a good family lawyer are:

  • specialization in solving family issues;
  • sufficient experience in legal practice;
  • continuous professional development of a lawyer;
  • good reputation as a family lawyer;
  • focus, first of all, on the result.

Our lawyers in the field of family law are included in the register of lawyers of Ukraine, which confirms their qualifications and work experience.

A good lawyer is your peace of mind and confidence in achieving your goal!

Online Family Lawyer Help

Today, almost any issue can be resolved online. Our family lawyers respect every minute of your time and help you resolve issues without a face-to-face meeting.

We will help you arrange a divorce online through the court and the registry office, as well as solve many other issues.

You can contact us in one of the ways convenient for you:

  • contact a lawyer by phone;
  • write to the messenger (Viber, VotsAp, Telegram).

We will review the details of your case and provide you with information regarding possible options for resolving the dispute and the cost of attorney services.

Why choose us?

  1. An accurate understanding of your goal;
  2. 100% quality guarantee;
  3. Positive experience in solving family matters;
  4. Choosing the best tactics for doing business;
  5. Your participation is minimal in solving the case;
  6. Achieving the goal with minimal cost!

You can read the reviews about our work by following the link.

How much does a good family lawyer cost?

The services of a good family lawyer will cost you much less than the effort and time that you will spend on solving the case yourself!

The cost of a family law attorney is determined by various factors such as:

  • qualifications and work experience;
  • city of service provision;
  • reputation among lawyers and clients;
  • features of the family issue;
  • complicating circumstances.

When asking for help from a family lawyer, do not forget that a good lawyer will not work to the detriment of himself. Therefore, if the result is important to you, you should not save money on the quality of the solution to the issue.

Like it if the article was useful to you. We, in turn, will try to give you the most up-to-date information about all changes in the laws in the field of family law!

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