✅ Obtaining duplicate duplicates of documents at the registry office

Obtaining duplicate duplicates of documents at the registry office

Re-receipt of documents at the registry office in Ukraine

The documents issued by the registry office have been of great importance for a long time. That is why the service of re-obtaining documents that characterize the legal status has become available to the citizens of Ukraine:

  • birth certificate;
  • marriage certificate;
  • divorce certificate;
  • surname change certificate;
  • death certificate,
  • as well as repeated extract from the civil register.

In case of loss or damage, each of the above documents is subject to restoration in accordance with the established procedure.

Re-receipt of documents by the registry office takes place on the basis of an act record, which is saved in two versions:

  • paper;
  • electronic.

Where is the re-receipt of the certificate and extract from the registry office carried out in Ukraine?

The repeated issuance of certificates by the registry office, as well as extracts from the register, is carried out in any registry office. The issuance of repeated documents takes place without taking into account the place of registration of the civil status record, as well as the place of your residence, as a citizen who wishes to receive a duplicate of documents.

On the document reissued, the mark “Re-issued” is mandatory, while on the paper version of the act record the series of the duplicate, its number and date of issue are indicated.

Conditions for obtaining a re-certificate and discharge in Ukraine

The Civil Registry Office issues a duplicate of documents only after confirming the compliance of the information of the State Register of Civil Status Acts with the data of the paper version of the civil registration, or on the basis of confirmation of the data by the Civil Registry Office at the place of drawing up the act record.

If the record is kept in the temporarily occupied territory, then a duplicate of the registry office document is issued without confirmation.

Moreover, the verification of the compliance of the data of the State Register with the data of the paper version of the act record when issuing a repeated certificate of divorce does not take place in cases where after January 1, 2009:

  • a deed entry was drawn up in the electronic version of the register;
  • changes were made to the act record;
  • a repeated certificate or an extract from the register was issued on the basis of an act record.

Cost of re-certification and discharge in Ukraine

When contacting state bodies, including the registry office, in order to provide them with the appropriate services, a certain financial amount is charged. This fee is called state duty. The amount of the state duty is regulated by the legislative draft “On State Duty”.

To obtain a repeated certificate, it is imperative to have a receipt for payment of the registry office services.

Who can obtain a re-certification and discharge in Ukraine?

To re-obtain certificates, you must fill out an appropriate application. The application must be written by a person with respect to which the act was drawn up, or by persons entitled to this action. These include:

  • parents and guardians;
  • representatives of the health care institution;
  • representatives of the children’s institution where the child is constantly located.

Receiving a repeated certificate from the registry office requires you to have:

  • power of attorney of the institution;
  • identity document.

Parents and adoptive parents are also responsible for obtaining a child’s birth certificate. In this case, the child’s age does not matter. However, it should be noted that a person deprived of parental rights cannot claim the right to receive a repeated birth certificate for her child.

You should also be aware that a divorce certificate is not reissued. As a document that confirms the dissolution of marriage, you can take an extract from the register of acts of civil status.

A representative can obtain a repeated divorce certificate or any other certificate from the registry office if he has a power of attorney or a document certifying his powers in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Bar and Advocacy.” In addition, a copy of the legal services agreement must also be attached when the lawyer presents the order.

Legalization of duplicate certificates and extracts in Ukraine

Duplicates of documents issued by the registry office in accordance with the current rules have the same legal force as the originals of these documents. In this regard, if it is necessary to use it outside of Ukraine, repeated certificates require legalization.

The method of legalization depends on the conditions set by the country of your stay. The most common way to legalize repeated documents of the Civil Registry Office is to affix an apostille.

Apostille is valid on the territory of many countries that have signed the Hague Convention. According to this agreement, affixing an apostille is a full-fledged way to legalize government documents and does not require additional steps.

Despite the fact that there is a large amount of information on the apostille affixing freely available, I would like to note that this important procedure has many features. That is why many citizens turn to family lawyers in order to avoid unforeseen situations related to paperwork.

Help of a lawyer with documents of the registry office in Ukraine

Receiving repeated documents, as a rule, occurs when it is necessary for their further use, not only on the territory of the native country, but also outside Ukraine.

It should be noted that the use of duplicate documents abroad is possible only if they are legalized in an appropriate way. Contacting a family lawyer on the preparation of documents will help you save a lot of time and effort, because the lawyer will be able to cope with this task as soon as possible, even without your presence.

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