✅ Divorce abroad with and without children

Divorce abroad with and without children

Divorce abroad with and without children in Ukraine

Our family lawyers are often asked the following questions: How to get a divorce abroad with or without children? How to draw up a statement of claim for divorce with minor children? How to get a court decision on divorce?

On our website advokat-skriabin.com you can familiarize yourself with the topic: “Divorce abroad with children and without” and, if you have any questions, seek legal advice from our family lawyers and lawyers who will provide you with legal services in family matters.

Is divorce possible if the spouse traveled abroad in Ukraine

Every year more and more citizens travel abroad in search of a better life. However, not all people who have decided to leave the country seek to resolve the issue of an official change in civil status, that is, about a divorce, before leaving. Many people postpone this question indefinitely. The reason may be children or one child, or the unwillingness of the husband and his wife to waste time for a divorce.

Often, after traveling abroad, people find themselves a new couple and, as a result, wish to register a marriage in another country. In this case, you have to return to the issue of divorce in Ukraine, no matter how difficult it is.

Fortunately, Ukrainian legislation provides for cases of a husband and wife divorce when one of them traveled abroad.

How to file a divorce while abroad in Ukraine?

Regardless of where you arrive, divorce in Ukraine is possible in two ways:

  • through the registry office;
  • through the court.

Divorce through the registry office of citizens abroad has a less complicated procedure compared to a divorce through a court. However, not in all cases you can resort to this method of divorce. This is especially true for families with children. The main conditions for an administrative divorce are:

  • the absence of minor children or a child from the husband and wife (the procedure for divorce without children);
  • the mutual decision of the husband and wife to file for divorce (divorce by mutual consent).

Divorce through the registry office if you went abroad in Ukraine

If a husband and wife have a desire to file for a divorce, at the moment when one of them traveled abroad, then the dissolution of the marriage can be achieved without waiting for the spouse to return to his home country. In this case, in the absence of common minor children, the procedure can take place in an administrative manner, that is, through the registry office.

To do this, a spouse who has traveled abroad must file an application for divorce and certify it at the embassy. Such a document will be considered notarized. After that, send him to Ukraine to the second of the spouses, who, together with his application, will submit it to the registry office.

If within a month the spouses do not change their minds to divorce, then at the time indicated by the authorities, you should come to the registry office to confirm your decision and receive a divorce certificate.

Taking into account the departure of one of the spouses abroad and the impossibility of being present at the receipt of the divorce document, we recommend that, together with the application for divorce, or within 30 days after that, submit an application for consent to conduct the divorce procedure in his absence. Thus, a divorce can be filed without being present.

Divorce when traveling abroad through court in Ukraine

Divorce of spouses who travel abroad takes place in court if:

  • the spouses have a child or several children who have not reached the age of 18 (divorce from children through the courts);
  • husband or wife against divorce (divorce without the mutual consent of the spouses).

In this case, the presence of children is considered only if they are common between the husband and wife. Children from previous marriages do not affect the divorce procedure.

Taking into account the order of divorce in Ukraine, it is necessary to submit an application to the court, which will be the basis for starting a court case. The statement can be:

  • general (with a mutual desire of the husband and wife to file for a divorce);
  • claim (if only one of the spouses wishes).

An experienced family lawyer will be able to correctly determine what kind of application needs to be drawn up in your particular case, taking into account your location. He will be able not only to give you comprehensive information about the application that you need to fill out, but also to advise on many other issues of interest.

Divorce lawyer abroad in Ukraine

Being abroad, it is much more difficult to solve important issues in Ukraine. This is especially true of the topic of divorce, which has many subtleties. Only with many years of experience and knowledge accumulated in more than one year, it is possible to carry out a quick divorce remotely.

That is why many citizens who have gone abroad, but are faced with the need for a divorce in Ukraine, turn to good lawyers for advice and experienced lawyers for full support of the case.

By entrusting the divorce to a family lawyer, a husband or wife can be sure that even if unforeseen circumstances arise in the course of the case itself, a legal specialist will be able to adequately get out of the situation and bring the spouse’s divorce abroad to its logical conclusion.

Family lawyer for divorce cases abroad with and without children in Ukraine

For an effective solution to a divorce case abroad with and without children, you should contact professional family lawyers.

Divorce lawyer:

  • provide legal advice on family matters;
  • will help to determine the best option for solving a family case;
  • prepare all the necessary documents;
  • will provide legal support for the entire trial.

Our family lawyers will do everything necessary for a quick and high-quality completion of a legal case!

Contacting us is a way to save time and money in resolving the issue of divorce abroad with and without children.

If you do not know how to do the right thing to decide the case in your favor – write or call our family lawyers!

The first step on the road to success in solving a divorce case abroad with and without children is to contact good family lawyers!

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