✅ Certificate (statement) on marital status in Ukraine

Certificate (statement) on marital status in Ukraine

Certificate (statement) on marital status in Ukraine

Our family lawyers are often asked the following questions: How to get a certificate of marital status? How to check your marital status? How to draw up a statement of marital status?

On our website advokat-skriabin.com you can familiarize yourself with the topic: “Certificate (statement) on marital status in Ukraine” and, if you have any questions, seek legal advice from our family lawyers and lawyers who will provide you with legal services in family matters.

Certificate of marital status in Ukraine

A certificate of marital status is a document that confirms that a citizen or a citizen of Ukraine is not married.

At one time, such a certificate could be obtained from the registry office. However, at the moment, due to changes in laws, the registry office is not able to reliably track information on the registration of marriage. This is due to the fact that marriage can be registered at any registry office without being tied to the registration of the spouses. That is why the civil registration authorities lost the authority to issue such certificates, and the certificate of marital status was canceled.

Taking into account the fact that when marrying abroad, confirmation of not being in marriage is still required, it became possible to replace the certificate of marital status with a notarized statement.

Declaration of being incapable of marriage in Ukraine

Notarial declaration of marital status – a document confirming non-marital status. This application can be executed both by a private notary and by a civil servant.

The statement of marital status is drawn up on an official form of strict accountability, has a hologram and watermarks.

According to the “Rules for state registration of acts of civil status” in the application for marital status, depending on the specific case, one of three provisions is indicated:

  • Not married until now and at the current moment;
  • Not married at the moment due to its preliminary dissolution;
  • Not married due to the death of a spouse.

Where to get a document confirming not being married in Ukraine

A statement of marital status, which is an analogue (from an informational point of view) of a certificate of marital status, can be obtained in two ways:

  • personally arrange it with a notary;
  • contact a lawyer for a document processing service.

At the same time, it is important to know that this certificate can be issued only from the notary who carries out his legal activities on the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, in the case when a person who needs to obtain a certificate (application) is outside Ukraine, it becomes advisable to turn to a lawyer for help. A family lawyer will be able to resolve this issue without your presence, thereby saving you a lot of time and money.

To issue a certificate, you will need the following documents:

  • applicant’s passport;
  • applicant identification code;
  • a document confirming the dissolution of marriage (if the marriage was registered): a certificate of divorce (in case of divorce through the registry office) or a court decision on dissolution of marriage, which entered into legal force (in case of divorce through the court).

Validity of certificate (statement) on marital status in Ukraine

The validity period of a declaration of marital status, confirming not being married, is different. First of all, it depends on the requirements put forward by the country where it will be necessary to present this document.

The validity period of the application (certificate) varies from one to three months. You can find out the exact information regarding the duration of the statement (certificate) about not being in marriage in the body where this document is required.

Legalization of a certificate (statement) about not being married in Ukraine

When presenting Ukrainian documents outside the home country, you need to know that their legalization is mandatory. Otherwise, such documents will not have legal force.

There are several ways to legalize documents. The simplest of them is the apostille affixing. This method is relevant on the territory of all countries participating in the Hague Convention.

According to the Hague Convention, affixing an apostille is a full-fledged method of legalizing documents that does not require additional steps.

Depending on the country in which you will need to present a legalized statement (certificate) on marital status, you may need to affix an apostille:

  • single (on the original certificate / application);
  • double (on the original certificate / application and on its translation).

A family lawyer can help you with the legalization of a document, who will not only advise on the method of legalizing documents for your specific case, but also resolve the issue of legalization without your participation and presence.

Certificate (statement) on marital status for Ukraine

When entering into a marriage with a foreigner on the territory of Ukraine, a statement (certificate) on marital status is also included in the number of mandatory documents. The requirements for the execution of this document are regulated by the “Rules for the state registration of acts of civil status” (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”).

According to the “Rules”, a foreigner’s declaration of not being in marriage must be received by him in the territory of his native country and translated into Ukrainian. At the same time, the translation must be certified in a convenient way:

  • diplomatic mission;
  • consular office of Ukraine;
  • the embassy (consulate) of his home state;
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • notary.

Moreover, the statement (certificate) on marital status must be legalized accordingly.

Family lawyer services for issuing a certificate of marital status in Ukraine

Registration of an application (certificate) on marital status takes place on the basis of Ukrainian legislation in accordance with clearly formulated rules. Failure to comply with the rules for drawing up this document, or violation of the procedure for its legalization can have serious consequences.

That is why, if you have any questions or encounter difficulties regarding the statement (certificate) of marital status, we recommend that you contact lawyers. Family lawyers always have the most up-to-date information, and therefore can easily solve any of your questions.

Family lawyer in cases of a certificate (statement) on marital status in Ukraine

For an effective solution of the case on a certificate (statement) on marital status in Ukraine, you should contact professional family lawyers.

Divorce lawyer:

  • provide legal advice on family matters;
  • will help to determine the best option for solving a family case;
  • prepare all the necessary documents;
  • accompanies the course of the entire trial.

Our family lawyers will do everything necessary for a quick and high-quality completion of a legal case!

Contacting us is a way to save time and money in resolving the issue of a certificate (statement) on marital status in Ukraine.

If you do not know how to do the right thing to decide the case in your favor – write or call our family lawyers!

The first step on the road to success in solving a case on a certificate (statement) on marital status in Ukraine is to contact good family lawyers!

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